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Ready Nest Counseling offers Free Support Groups, Sliding Scale Counseling, and multiple resources to help fill the gap of the needs in our community. Our Ready Nest Counselors volunteer their time and energy to support the cause of advocacy for better maternal mental wellness, awareness of perinatal loss, and help those who cannot otherwise afford quality care. 

Now, you can GIVE to this cause. 

When you give to Ready Nest Counseling, here is where your money can go:

  • Free Support Groups

    • Loss support for those who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, or loss through fertility complications. We have a group for everyone as well as the only Loss Dads group in the region! We also have ongoing New Mom Wellness support groups for prenatal and postpartum support that will help moms find encouragement and resources to help them thrive. 

    • It's our goal to compensate group facilitators at a rate of $25/group. Otherwise, they volunteer their time no matter what!​ Our groups are not dependent upon your gifts, but will directly go to making sure we can keep them running.

    • Flyers for our groups will get printed so we can bring them to local hospitals and birthing centers to help spread awareness and make sure people know where to get help.

    • Free events to support new parents and our loss or infertility community, such as our Broken Hearts Mother's Day Brunch or Broken Hearts Father's Day Brew - and hopefully many more to come!

  • Sliding Scale/Pro-bono Counseling

    • We offer a sliding scale to all clients who can't afford our full-pay rate. For those who need a little more help, this fund will supplement their need so our Counselors still get compensated fairly.​ 

    • If someone needs help and can't pay, we help them no matter what. If we have the funds to compensate the counselor, you can know that you're helping sustain this service for all who need it. 

  • Online Resources

    • We are committed to creating content that is helpful for everyone, everywhere. Our free YouTube channel and written resources will provide encouragement, evidence-based information, and therapeutic tips to help build a community of wellness that reaches far beyond our office locations. Your contribution will help fill in the gaps of keeping this content FREE, high quality, and ongoing for all who need it. ​

We are transparent about where your money goes. We are not a non-profit. Your gift is not tax deductible. Why? Because too many barriers can prevent your donations from going to what YOU want them to serve. When you give to Ready Nest, you don't have to wait on a board meeting to vote for how to use it, you can just tell us where to direct the funds and give help immediately. You don't have to worry about 80% of the funds going to operating costs or salaries. Let us worry about keeping the lights on and the toilets working. You simply give, and we apply it where you want it to go, or use the account to best serve the needs in the community.

Questions? Ideas for community needs? Let us know! 

Make sure you subscribe for our emails so we can keep you up to date! Thank you for giving and providing help and hope for those in need.

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