• Sleep support

  • Breastfeeding goals

  • Pregnancy/Fertility goals

  • Finding a pharmaceutical fit

  • Understanding medication options

  • Risks of medications

  • Benefits of medications

  • Dosage Amount/Frequency

  • Treatment plan

  • Expectations of medication

  • Understanding Side Effects

  • Support for increasing/decreasing dosage

  • Collaboration with therapist/other health provider

  • Shared decision making

  • Well-rounded and consistent support



At Ready Nest Counseling, we offer medication management for those who may need prescriptions to enhance their mental and emotional wellness. Meeting with Dr. Leslie does not necessarily mean you need medication. Rather, you get to have a one-on-one conversation about your goals, your needs, and your concerns while creating a plan with her to determine what might be best moving forward.

You aren’t alone in your decision making! We want you to feel fully equipped to understand the risks, benefits, and expectations that come with your options for medication. You’ll get to meet with a caring person, not a prescription pad.

You can meet with Dr. Leslie in conjunction with your counseling, or as a separate service.   |   (615) 988-5123

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