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Your journey has brought you to a place of confusion and darkness. But, somewhere inside you lies the desire to feel understood, to connect, to regain the strength you've lost along the way.

You need help to make sense through the darkness. 

We offer Constellations for: Loss, Infertility, Trying to Conceive, Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenting.

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What is a Constellation?

  • A six-week, journey-specific support group.

  • Each Constellation is led by an Expert Facilitator, with specialized training to your particular story.

  • Prior to your Constellation start date, you'll receive a beautifully curated box of resources and tools to use through the six weeks.

  • You'll only meet with participants who are truly a fit to the needs of the group. 

  • You'll learn how to process where you're at in your journey, how to survive in the present, and how to cultivate and sustain coping tools for the future.

  • Meeting online, you'll be able to connect with others from all over the world, giving a sense of unity and diversity.

  • Join a waitlist today and you'll be contacted when that Constellation is scheduled to start their next round.

You are the star of your own story.

And we believe by connecting stars, we can create a lasting impact as you create meaning within your journey.

Find Your Perfect Constellation



Scroll through the categories below to view all the Constellations we offer for that topic, then join the waitlist for your perfect Constellation so we can contact you when the next group opens for registration.

All Constellations are $299 total for all six weeks and include a curated box of self-care resources shipped directly to you ahead of time to amplify your six week experience. 

Be sure to follow our Instagram account @readynestcounseling for Promotional Discount Codes!

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