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Choosing the Right Support for You in This Season

By: Emily Pardy, LMFT, PMH-C

There are a lot of mental health options these days. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and healing through counseling is a courageous step. However, choosing the right support between individual therapy, couples therapy, self-led help through books or courses, or a support group isn't always straightforward. Each avenue offers distinct benefits, and the choice depends on various factors. Let’s take a deeper dive into what might be best for you in this season.

Understanding Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, often known as one-on-one counseling, is the classic therapeutic setting where a client works closely with a counselor to explore personal challenges, emotions, and goals. At Ready Nest Counseling, we provide a confidential and tailored space for making the most of that time, wherever you are in your journey. All of our Ready Nest Counselors are highly trained and eager to help you get better as quickly as possible. Individual therapy is often the most intense option and is the best fit for clients who are ready to make necessary changes for the benefit of their emotional, social, or relational well-being.

Not everyone who inquires with Ready Nest to be matched with a counselor needs ongoing counseling in this specific season. It's possible that a client is assessed during their first session and we discover that they already have their support system in place and simply need the tools to ask for the help already in their orbit. Or, for postpartum moms with pelvic pain or feeding issues, we will happily assist with a referral to some of the excellent Pelvic Floor Therapists or Lactation Consultants in our community. Just know that reaching out for help is a brave and right first step!

Consider Individual Therapy When:

  • You Need Personalized Attention: If a client has specific issues that require a focused and individualized approach, such as deeply rooted traumas or highly personal concerns, individual therapy might be the preferred option.

  • You Prefer Total Confidentiality: Some individuals value the confidentiality that comes with one-on-one therapy, where they can openly discuss sensitive topics without concerns about privacy or other people’s judgment, comparison, or input.

  • You Have Specific Goals: Clients with specific, personal goals in mind may find individual therapy more conducive to developing a strategic, personalized plan for achieving those objectives. Working one-on-one can also offer the shortest route to meeting those goals.

The Power of Couples Therapy

If your significant other, partner, or spouse is continually a center of stress in your life, it's likely time to consider couples therapy. This will also be the case as you and your partner approach key milestones or major life transitions (i.e. parenthood, marriage, job change, moving out of state). Couples work can be incredibly helpful to gain the communication tools and compassion needed to navigate these upcoming changes. I always encourage couples to “not wait until the problem or conflict decides for you” to get the help that they need. If your partner is unwilling to attend, that’s okay. Our counselors can guide you through these relational issues even if only half of the relationship is attending the actual therapy sessions.

Consider Couples Counseling When:

  • Communication Breaks Down: One of the most common reasons couples seek counseling is communication breakdown. Effective communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship, and when couples struggle to express their needs, listen actively, or resolve conflicts constructively, it can lead to misunderstandings and increased tension.

  • You Need Conflict Resolution Skills: Couples often face conflicts - whether they stem from differing values, priorities, or unresolved past issues. Conflict can also arise from fear, uncertainty of the future, or disagreement on core values. Counseling becomes crucial when couples find themselves stuck in repetitive patterns of conflict without the skills or strategies to navigate disagreements in a productive and respectful manner.

  • You Feel Disconnected: Maintaining emotional and physical intimacy is essential in a healthy, committed relationship. Couples may seek counseling when they experience challenges in maintaining closeness, when there's a lack of emotional connection, or when health or fertility issues impact overall relationship satisfaction. Addressing intimacy concerns with a professional can help couples rediscover and strengthen their bond.

Making the Most of Free Group Supports

At Ready Nest Counseling, we offer a variety of free resources including a free support group for new moms. Groups offer a unique environment where individuals come together to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. A skilled facilitator helps keep the conversation positive and productive. This space provides a sense of community and shared support that can be incredibly empowering.

Consider Free Group Support When:

  • Seeking Connection and Shared Experiences: If a client feels isolated or believes that connecting with others who share similar struggles could be beneficial, group therapy offers a supportive community.

  • You Value Diverse Perspectives: If a client finds value in gaining insights from diverse perspectives and learning from the experiences of others, a group setting can offer a rich tapestry of viewpoints.

  • Cost-Effective Options: Our new moms support groups are free and can be a great supplement to individual therapy. We've found that these resources make mental health support accessible to a broader demographic. At Ready Nest Counseling, many of our clients participate in both individual therapy and attend our Free Support Group so they get a hybrid of help for their needs.

Investing in a Constellation or Closed Group

Closed groups are typically paid, private groups that meet for a structured period of time with a shared goal. They are often more affordable than individual therapy but with similar depth as they narrow in on a topic affecting everyone within the group. Requiring payment for the group ensures consistency and commitment from each participant, which is essential to truly build community and increase depth of conversation week-to-week. Investing in one of these groups can be an important step to prioritize your own self-care.

At Ready Nest Counseling, we offer paid, closed groups called Constellations, curated for hyper-specific needs and focused on bringing people together online through their shared experiences. Each Constellation meets for 6 weeks, ensuring a safe community to foster vulnerability, time to connect and relate to one another, and a shared goal of gaining coping skills to navigate their unique journeys. For example, a participant who has gone through failed IVF in a rural setting may not have anyone in their circle with that same experience. Through our Constellations, we're able to meet their need for connection by offering space online to bridge geographic barriers and connect them to others on a similar path.

Consider a Constellation or Closed Group When:

  • No one seems to understand what you’re going through: Many clients come to Ready Nest sharing that they've felt isolated or lonely throughout their journey. Constellations offer a safe space where only those participants with similar experiences will share in the experience.

  • You can’t find resources that fit: We hear from many of you that you can’t find books, webinars, workshops, or resources that actually match to your unique need. With Constellations, we address this by tailoring a curriculum to that need and pairing you in a group with others walking through a similar season.

  • You desire increased motivation: The accountability and consistency of showing up for the 6 weeks of a Constellation will build momentum towards change, growth, and healing. Hearing others stories and seeing them hold space for yours also cultivates a reciprocal community in which everyone on that journey with you is included and seen.

In the realm of mental health, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Each journey to healing is as unique as the individual taking it. Whether opting for the intimacy of individual therapy or the communal support found in support groups, what matters most is the commitment to invest in your personal growth and well-being.

When choosing a course of treatment that’s right for you, consider the above factors and remember that the path to healing is a personal one. It's not about choosing between right and wrong but finding the therapeutic approach that resonates most profoundly with your needs and aspirations. Your mental health journey is yours to navigate, and with the right support, it can be a transformative experience.


If you find yourself in need of professional help, don't hesitate to reach out to us and schedule a session. Our dedicated team at Ready Nest Counseling is here to help you navigate life's challenges and transitions with care and compassion. Whether you're experiencing difficulties related to conception, pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, loss, parenting, or relationships our therapists are ready to support you. We offer both in-person and virtual therapy. Schedule a therapy session with us today and take the first step towards a healthier you. Ready Nest Counseling also offers free group supports as well as specialized constellations for new moms and those who have experienced pregnancy loss. Remember, you don't have to face it alone – we're here for you.


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